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Lionwood Studios was founded at March 13, 2010 by former participants of the gaming industry. While having many years' experience and high qualification, we were forced to serve as gears in someone else's mechanisms. We were not that much satisfied with not having an opportunity to bring something new and interesting into games. But no serfdom lasts forever and so does not people's patience.

We had chosen stormy sea, a small boat and freedom opposite to wasteland of stability and obscurity. In time we have gained companions and became, so to say, a small fleet of shallops. A virtuous undertaking rarely stays for long without those who would support and compassionate it.

Our partners are scattered throughout the former USSR territory and adjacent countries. We are united not by office walls or some corporate values but by the opportunity to make games as we want them to make.

There is no place for enforcement in this 'fleet'. Any captain can cry 'Hard to starboard!' and set their own course at any time. It was, is and always will be like that. But as long as our destinations match we sail together.

We do not waste time on advertising hype and we never try to charm people with some false promises. We are not trying to take over the world like some halions that furrow the Seas of Social, Casual and MMO.

We are just making games and we love it. We love the wind of freedom that blows in our sails and we love our indigent autonomy. Rebels by spirit and conservators for life, eternal treasure hunters and adventure seekers, being happy together and happy separated, conflicting, even fighting and yet again setting peace among each other. In other words, independent game developers.

The Battle of Serenity Valley may be lost, but that unlikely will affect our life's journey which is based on fighting the voluntary primitivism, modern ethical values and the dominance of popcorn-movie kind creations. Thousands of inpependent game-makers attack the big industry with their creativity every day, striking it severely and showing gamers the games as they should be - original, cunning, emotional and deep.

Hail to the independent developers of all kinds and types! Lets kick some Alliance's ass!

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