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What is Lionwood Studios? We are a small and independent firm. Our sole purpose is to gratify the desire for making good games in the old-school tradition.

Our goal is to give a certain percent of gamers (including ourselves) games that we just did not have enough in the past. It's a shame to watch once serious and hardcore brands become more and more 'casualized'. It is a pity to witness significant quality drop in the products done by large monopoly companies. It was a pain to watch these monopolies consume and mangle smaller companies that had had their own style, personality, their own talents and stars. After these acquisitions were made, all the distinguishable qualities of those firms were grinded, chewed up and digested for the sake of Big Buck.

There is no need to name out loud these particular companies. We all know them and we remeber their names. We remember and love their games.

We believe that the rush for money and technology has obscured the very essence of games. That very essence which, to our opinion, has much more purpose than approaches at making game worlds more real-life, more photorealistic and more tangible. Games besides all are a message to the player. They are a book which should be read, they are the feelings, they are love.

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